New user - Strange Bevel - Wrong settings?

Hi, new to LB just trialing atm but have run into a couple of problems.

The main one is that i’m getting a bevel when using fill, on the start portion of a line. Every line has the same bevel, as if the power isn’t the same as the rest of the line. Do I have a setting wrong within LB that could be causing this ?


Check to see if you have a ramp length entered in the Fill settings:


Also worth checking - is your Scan Angle (deg) set to something that isn’t a multiple of 90? (0, 90, 180, 270)?

If so, the built-in hardware overscanning doesn’t work, and that can cause the effect you’re seeing too.

Just checked and the ramp is at 0 and Scan angle is 0

Other settings are as follows,

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