New user trying to link machine USB failing

I have recently downloaded a trial for Lightburn, it looks real easy to use :slightly_smiling_face:
My problem is that my PC is not seeing my laser on USB :confused:
I had it working with a LAN connection to lazerweb but the whole lazerweb package looks painful, I like the apparent ease that Lightburn has for new users like myself.
I did not build this lazer but bought it 2nd hand, ive seen it working but never used it myself properly.
It has a Smoothie board fitted.

Help please.

Did you try the new ‘Find my Laser’ feature for device setup? What was the result? Any error messages? What board is controlling your K40?

There were some issues with the 0.9.00 release and GCode system connectivity. If you grabbed that one it might be the source of your trouble, and downloading the current version, 0.9.02, would fix it. Let me know if that’s it, or you’re still having issues.

looks like I’m on the latest version 0.9.02
I can see my Smoothie board if I type the IP in the search bar on explorer.
Lightburn still not giving the option to connect by LAN :confused:

There is no option to select IP/LAN connection for Smoothie boards.
Does anyone know if this is or has been addressed ?
Thanks again.

LightBurn does not currently support Smoothieware over LAN.