New user--ubuntu cannot connect "waiting for connection"

I just installed lightburn on ubuntu 18 lts.
Laser on Genmitsu (3018) aka sainsmart unit.

The software cannot connect to usb and just repeatedly responds with
“waiting for connection” as I cycle through ports. I have had it connected
with UGsender and it recognized the port.


Is the LightBurn app added to the dialout permissions group?

I don’t know. I will research this.
Is there a way to run the LightBurn app via sudo?

Do you know how to give that app permission?

Unfortunately I am going to have to take a hiatus from this as my grbl board
burned out and I had to send away for a new one. A power chip exploded and the angry
electron pixies escaped.

I think it’s the user, actually, not the app. There’s a solution here:

And you should be able to just run the appimage via the command line, with or without sudo.

Covered here