New user with 3018 troubles

I have a cnc 3018 pro and my workbed keep over running i read few comments that state that i need to change $10 to 0 30 to 1000 31 to 0 and 32 to on this dosnt help me one bit please i jus need this to set right and i wont stress you guys out no more o and not getting my lazer to burn from i chang those setting

Start with this post and let us know if you’re still having trouble. The stuff toward the end talks about using a machine without homing switches and how to set that to work properly.

Thanks but This didn’t help I saw someone post some settings and I changed it to match there’s it kinda works but I’m limited to smaller then the bed size I have to be do way smaller jobs with their settings and my machine started to go slower …just a small suggestion I was reading a few comments and it seems as if the 3018 Is a big problem to Most people so I think it’s if it’s possible you could put like the code for the Lazer burn, the work bed space , and the speed code the message that you sent me above didn’t help you have an amazing software that’s why I buy it and not use a free one

Hi I hate to be a bother to people I’m just asking one thing hope it’s possible can someone do a video on the settings for the Homing, the travel speed , reduced travel lines ,work space on and the origin where ther work start for the 3018 pro I’m all over the internet look found a lot but thy jus not working for me I really really need some help a video would help so many people this have the most problems here help me out I’m really stressing

No one here is going to do a video for this, as none of us even own a 3018 CNC. I would suggest looking to the company you purchased the machine from to ask them how it should be configured for laser use. The forum post Rick linked to does contain all the information you need to make this work.

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