New user with rotary issues

I recently purchased a k40 laser with the primary intent of engraving on wood pens that I make.
I upgraded the control board to a Mini Gerbil 3 so that I can use Lightburn software. I have been around with the software and I kinda have the basics of engraving and cutting.
Included in the K40 purchase was a chuck style rotary attachment. The guy didn’t recall where he got it from or anything about it other than he intended to engrave pens with it but never got around to trying it. When I plug the rotary attachment connector into the Y axis connector of the Mini Gerbil 3 and have the laser HOME the laser head goes to the x axis limit switch and the rotary spins in the correct direction a few times and I get a message that the machine could not locate the limit switch.
If I try to move the laser after that I get an error 9 message.

When I go into the rotary setup screen and select a chuck type rotary device I have no idea when setting to use since I don’t have any information on the rotary device.

I have searched all over for info on this device to no avail. It has no marking on it other the name and model number on the stepper motor. The stepper motor is a USONGSHINE US-17HS4401

I would greatly appreciate If anyone could shed some light on this!
Maybe I’m wrong but I assume I need something like this rotary device to engrave on round pens.