New version 0.9.16 error?

After update this morning I cannot jog my machine. I can fire my laser.
Thanks, AL

From the Move buttons in LightBurn, or the ‘click to set position’ tool, or … ? Do you see an error of any kind in the console, or does it just do nothing at all?

From the buttons I try to move however I am getting a clicking sound and no movement. No error, Should I reinstall the program? Before I updated my program crashed.

That sounds like you have a loose wire or skipping stepper motors, not a program error. What is the Speed value set to in that window?

(And no, re-installing LightBurn does effectively nothing)

Current settings :



































speed 80 power 20…

“80” is a number, not a speed. 80 mm/sec? 80 inches/sec? 80 mm/minute? Miles per hour? :slight_smile:

And I meant this speed:

That’s the speed it uses when you jog the laser. Your acceleration isn’t very high though, so it would move until it got too fast and then buzz, not just made odd clicking noises straight away.

It’s possible that you are trying to move backwards, and if the machine is homed it would just run against the rails and make an ugly noise. Where is the laser head when you try to jog it, and which direction did you try to jog?

Speed is 80 in/min… power is 20%
Distance is .250
speed is 236
Z-speed is 24

back , on site …

I’m trying to get you to paint me a picture, and what you’re doing instead is dribbling out two or three words at a time. I can’t see what you see, so unless you can spell it out for me in more detail, I can’t tell you what’s wrong. I have no idea what “back, on site” means related to the questions I asked you.

Looking at machine from the front, the laser is on the Left side of the router.

Ok after much looking , trying different things… I found out that, because I have another program , it seems to interfere with light burn and vise versa… not sure but it drives me crazy trying to find out the problem…Seem like the two controllers are fighting each other, why not sure… Need to make a note of a check list for this problem…
Got it working…
Thanks, Al

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