New Version 0.9.21 - print color feature - GCC question

I saw in the video that was recently released highlighting some of the new features of v0.9.21, that it will support printing to a print driver in color, which is awesome and the GCC was specifically called out. I’ve been working to get a GCC x380 functional for our makerspace for a number of months now and being able to use Lightburn would be AWESOME!!

I do have one question though, will this feature support line widths? The way that the GCC print driver works, is that it only does vector cuts if the line width is below a certain threshold. Is that something which can be controlled inside of Lightburn and will the print color feature support it as well?

If you need a guinea pig for testing the new version with a GCC, we would be happy to volunteer here at The Forge in Greensboro NC!



LightBurn emits 1-pixel lines for vector shapes, and solid filled areas for everything else. I’d be happy to have you try it though - I haven’t had much feedback from print-driver users.

Thanks! a 1px line sounds like it should be thin enough but it’s definitely worth testing. This is what the GCC manual mentions for vectors in case it’s helpful:

The LaserPro X252RX & X380RX Print Driver determines vector cut based on the outline width of that particular area or section of the design. In order to prep a particular section for vector cutting, you will need to set that object’s fill color to white and set its outline thickness between 0.001” (0.025mm) to 0.004” (0.1mm) via the graphics software.


I have a GCC laser and wanna test this feature, but what device do I setup in lightburn? Just a GRBL with the same print area?


I forget why I used Ruida as the type. I think a while back there was some sort of hack with we were playing with where we thought we could get the Ruida comms to work for some reason, in LB. But yep, just set that up with the same active surface area and you should be good to play with it.

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