Newb and IMAGE offsetting issue

Thank you in advance for your assistance. Ive made about 20 items so far, and 3 different jobs (images) offset randomly during job. As in, it will start out ok and minutes in it will appear to think the image moved 6 inches to the right and then 6 inches to the left and then center and so on. This only happens when in IMAGE mode I tried searching but cant find this issue. If you can direct me to a previous thread id happily go read it. I don’t know that its a software issue as much as a, maybe I didn’t click the right option. I watch the tutorial on cut settings for an image and its fairly straight forward. has anyone seen this before?

Ruida Controller

Ive never heard of your machine before :stuck_out_tongue: (NoBeer4U), so I am shooting in the dark: But maybe it is a result of your velocity and acceleration settings and skipping steps.

A couple questions:

  • How are you connected to the machine?
  • What speed and DPI settings are you using?
  • Are you clicking ‘Start’ or ‘Send’ to execute the job?
  • How large is the output image?

If you ‘Start’ a job, and the speed and/or DPI combination means the processor is doing a lot of work, it can sometimes drop commands or fall behind and stop early. If you Send the job, then start it from the controller panel the controller is only doing one thing at a time. You can press Shift when you click Send, and LightBurn will send it, then start it for you.

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