Newb Needing help closing shapes

Hey all I’m having a tough time closing a shape. I imported a pine tree clip art image and then traced the image, copy pasted the image so I’d have two pine trees. I used Boolean Union to bring the trees together and then I drew a line through the bottoms of the trees, (as this would be outside my work area). I then used the Node tool to trim the parts of the tree that would be outside my work piece. I then grouped the line I drew through the bottom of the trees with the trees however when I try to Export as Gcode, just the trees, it says that ‘6 shapes were set to fill but weren’t closed…’ What am I missing? Thanks in advance!

Sorry, what file specifically?

Most likely you ‘cut’ the ‘shape’ open with the node editing.

I think I follow you, but there might be a better way if I understand what you are trying to do.

If possible, use the boolean operation to make the cuts. That will ensure the resultant shapes are closed.

You have a file named, from the green highlight with the extension of .lbrn2, which is the project you are working on.

You can also use the upload download-icon-lightburn icon in the tool bar or drop it on the reply window…

Good luck


Ah, sorry, here ya’ go.

Perfect! Ok now ya’ have to tell me how you closed the pine trees with the arc on the bottom please. Thanks!!!

Gotcha, thanks!!! I looked but did not see anything that wasn’t connected. Is there a way to see where nodes do not have a connection?

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