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I’m new to Lightburn, and I’d like to pass on a suggestion. I have worked my way through all the tutorials. They are terrific. I even followed the worked examples, e.g. the QR code panel for a WiFi network. I’ll be making a few of these.

The tutorial requires you to generate a QR code from an external site. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that there is a QR code tool built into Lightburn. The issue is caused because most of the tutorials have been prepared using beta software. Lightburn, to their credit, have improved the software, but the tutorials are lagging. Now I realise that you can’t update every tutorial for every minor change, but it would be of great benefit, when a new feature is introduced, that any affected tutorials are updated. There is also the same issue with text following a circular path. Great software, but out of date tutorials do cause some confusion.

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Thank you for your feedback - I’m glad your experience has been mostly positive. You are absolutely correct that we have tutorials that need updating. In this case, we have an updated tutorial on creating a WiFi QR Code Coaster here:

We’ll get the updated video properly embedded in our documentation.

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