Newbie Fill+Line question Line “jitters” on X axis

Any ideas on what setting I could change to prevent the “jitters” on the top of the letters “I” and “U” and the bottoms of the “T”, etc. ?

These are smaller letters, .5 in tall and around 3.5” long.

Wow, that is a great picture of a mechanical vibration/dampening on your Y axis. If you can’t eliminate it mechanically. I would try turning the speed/power down for the letter outline. The fill seems to be working great since it does not have to move the Y axis too quickly.

Thank you for the response! I’ve slowed the line speed down to .10 inches per second and ran it up to 12 inches per second with no change in the jitter running the same design. In other words, it doesn’t seem to matter what the line speed is, the jitter remains. I’m going to try to make the letters bigger and see what effect that has. It’s just odd that I haven’t had this issue before, which leads me to believe it may be mechanical (belt issue, etc.)

Lens loose in the holder?

It is a beautiful text book example of damped oscillation. There’s something on that Y-axis that’s got the wigglies…

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