Newbie help please with x carve and cheap laser

Hello, I have an x carve and a cheapo 2 wire 12v laser left over from an ender 3D printer I wanted to try and use with lightburn but for the life of me I can’t get the setting correct and I’m new to all of this with limited knowledge of grbl. Could some please help me configure it? I understand I won’t be able to control shades and it’s basic on off. I just want to use it for basic engraving my logo on carvings. I have grbl1.1 I’ve tried just about everything. I got it to control the fan on and off at one point but that’s stopped with changing different settings and my brain is foggy now with the overload of settings I tried lol. Any help is GREATLY appreciated!

You need a constant-current driver to control your laser.

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