Newbie lost setting up layers for engraving this image

New to Lightburn, former Epilog user. I have a Boss 65W and struggling trying to set up my layers to get the best engraving of this image.

Would be grateful for any guidance.

Thank you

You have to decide what shading will best fit your requirements. There are various patterns of greyscale that would be engraved in each of the different colored sails. It would be easiest/necessary to segregate the tracing out for each color to its own layer and apply the appropriate pattern to the fill settings.

When I downloaded your image and applied the Trace Image feature, I had to increase the threshold quite a bit and turn on the sketch function, yet a number of lines did not appear in the tracing.

I loaded the file into a vector converter program and the results are probably the best one can hope. Each color gets its own layer and some were defaulting to fill, but some of the ones that should have been fill layers did not default, leading me to expect there are some open shapes that have to be manually addressed.
usa sailing festival.lbrn2 (184.3 KB)

I’ve attached the file for your viewing pleasure, but you will have to adjust each layer for your power and speed settings. You’ll also have to seek out the open shapes that you’d like to fill.

Note that the vector conversion program I use will create double objects, another exercise for the reader.

Also, the reference above for type of shading applies only to the original bitmap image and will not function in this attached vector file.

Just a ball of good news, aren’t I?

Fred -

Thank you so much. I need to upgrade LB to open .lbrn2 files. but will do so later today. I had created the image from a .jpg in CorelDraw in vector format, so east to modify.

Thank you again

Fred -

Just upgraded and wow, perfect I can work the fills.

Thank you so much!!

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