Newbie needs help

How do I change one end of this drawing to be on a angle
I have a drawing …can you make just one end smaller
Thanks for the help Mark

I am working in millimeters. In settings for Shape move increments, I have arrow key set to 1mm.

If you wanted to shorten each end of the line you highlighted by 1mm. In node edit mode, select the top node and it will turn red. Now tap the down arrow key once. Now select the bottom node and it turns red. Now tap the up arrow key once.

I want the hole top line to move down on a angle and the hole bottom line to move up on a angle
can this be done

I am guessing to what you want, but break apart the shape, highlight the top lines of the shape, and rotate the angle you want. Then do same for bottom.

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Hello Ralph thanks for the help
could you call me if you have time or direct message
I like to explain what i am trying to do

I wouldn’t post you r number or you’ll get spammed

I edited to remove your number. If you do choose to share your contact information with a member, it is best to do that over email or direct message, so you are not publishing in public. :slight_smile:


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