(Newbie) New 50w, grounding in an apartment

In my never ending quest to cut acrylic to my desire… :yum: I just picked this up:


it came with a long grounding wire, a few questions regarding this:

The plug (that I connect from the wall to the PSU) already has ground (3 pin) so is this extra grounding wire needed?

(if no - ignore the below)

I live, and have this, on a 2nd floor apartment, where or what should I connect this grounding wire to?


Can you tell if there is continuity between the ground prong on the power cord plug and a bare metal spot on the laser frame? You would usually test this with a digital voltmeter (DVM). If you don’t feel comfortable checking this, find a local electrician to test it for you. Electrical shock can really ruin your day and you want to avoid that.

Theoretically the PSU ground should be connected to the metal chassis of the laser as would be the extra grounding wire that you are asking about.
If you have a digital multi-meter you could confirm that that wire is redundant by checking continuity between the PSU ground prong and that wire (obviously when it’s not plugged in).
If there is no continuity then that’s a little worrying because the PSU ground should always be connected to the metal frame. However, in this case it means you need to do it yourself…
Does that long grounding wire have an “eye” (just a circle with a hole in the middle) or “fork” (2 prongs) type connector on the end? If so, the easiest way to do it is to remove the center screw from the outlet wall plate you are using and then screw it back in holding on that connector. The body of the outlet connects to that screw and connects to ground.
If there’s no connector and it’s just a bare wire, then you need to terminate it with one of those connectors and do what I mentioned above.

Thanks for your replies guys!

Hehe! More worried about getting a pointy hair style and not being around to celebrate my birthdays! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I don’t have a multimeter but I can buy one tomorrow. I’m a DIY sort of person :smiley:
I’ll search youtube on how to use it, if you have a video that you think might be helpful please feel free to reply :wink:

Oops, forgot to answer this:

One eye on each end.

Hey again!

Opened the back as I have a pal lending me his multimeter tomorrow , I’m not an electrician but I can understand simple circuits, this looks (pics below) like its spliced to use ground if provided via a 3 pin or alternatively, a ‘ground wire’ - can someone with actual electrical knowledge confirm, please?

Three pics below (click to open),

first one is inside view, yellow wire is used for ground.
Next outside view, so you can see the layout
and finally the ground wire cable that I’m not sure if it’s needed.


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