Newbie Orientation Question

Newbie setting up JTech Photonics 7W on slightly trimmed-down Openbuilds 1510 with a 685.8 mm X axis length and a 1219.2 mm Y axis length and want to be able to view my work with the rectangle oriented horizontally with the origin in the lower left of the horizontal rectangle and the X gantry traveling from left to right. I don’t want to be forced to look at my work sideways in the software at a 90 degree angle , but I can’t seem to figure out how to do this.

Can This Be Done?

If yes - could someone please point me towards instructions on how to do it? The tutorial videos and Lightburn documentation don’t seem to include this information in the early “getting started” sections, although I suppose it’s possible the subject is covered later in the materials.

Thank You - We All Have to Start Somewhere…

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I’m confused. X left to right and Y front to back is the only orientation supported by LightBurn, and, according to what you’ve written, how your machine is set up already, so I don’t understand the issue.

This is what I have using similar settings. Is this what you are wanting?


Thank You for Your Speedy Response. I’m sorry I had to go out of town briefly yesterday and didn’t get to reply immediately.

I guess I’ll have to learn to live with LightBurn’s default orientation. If I am burning the image of a battleship on a piece of wood 12" high and 48" wide, I would like to be able to see it horizontally, rather than having to look at it standing on end vertically on my computer screen like a telephone pole. I was just hoping LightBurn offered the option of rotating the image 90 degrees for easier eyeballing and grid placement of the long & thin image I want to burn.

Thank You For Trying to Help!


Is there a reason you couldn’t just swap the X and Y motor axis on the machine controller? You’d need to exchange anything in the controller settings that was axis specific, like maximum travel and speeds, but there are only a couple of those settings.

The visual representation of the workspace is defined in the ‘Device’ settings profile and is designed to mimic the actual size of your laser.

(Shown above with the Y-axis being longer than the X-axis)

LightBurn does provide a way to rotate the image, but doing so changes more than just the visual layout of your work, and will alter the output sent for the job to the controller.


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