Newbie problems

Hey guys,
New to the forums, and new to lightburn, I am currently running the trial period trying to decide if I want to buy the software. I have run into a number of issues with my cheap laser, most of which I have been able to overcome just by reading the forums here but I still have one problem. When I hit the frame button in lightburn, my motors seem to want to stall while traveling to the framed piece, they will then complete the frame fine, but in the wrong location. I would guess they are losing steps because of the stall. Is this an issue with my max speeds being set too high? I’m running a cheap laser I picked up on Amazon, the board I believe is a makerbase mks, driver is A4988. Any advice for a new user?

lower “idle speed” its in there somewhere

Thanks, I’ll give this a look and if I can find it I’ll try it tonight after I get home from work and let you know!

It’ll be the travel speed or travel acceleration that’s too high. With GRBL, this is the max travel rate for each axis, and the axis acceleration settings. Adjusting either or both lower should help.

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