Newbie question about moving workpiece and buton on control board

new here just learning how to do laser stuff i got my machine from chinese supplier and really wonder what is the button for if anyone can tell me and also is there a good ways to move and allign the work piece from laser to cnc machine i want to engrave and cut but my budget can only get me laser that are only able to engrave so i have to move the work piece to another cnc machine

Thank you i advance for any help and knowledge i am about to get

To align work between machines you’d need to create reference points in the design itself that were at known locations. For example, a small crosshair on opposite corners (top-left, front-right) with the design in the middle would let you use those points as reference marks on the CNC machine. If you know what coordinates they’re supposed to be, you can move the CNC head to one of them, set the machine coordinate, then jog to the other one, and make sure it’s correct too - rotate or shift the workpiece until both are lined up.

For the buttons, I can’t say. I don’t know this controller. I would check the manual.

thank you for the reply this controller is cheap chinese one but someone has already enlighted me it is the weak laser button also known as self destruct button because it overheat the mosfet that is what i was told so i wont be touching it any more

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