Newbie question.Laser control

How should I control my Laser? M03 m05 or inline. I have been using inline until I moved my laser over to a old Windows 7 box. Now I’m getting weird stepper noise that I did not get off my Windows 10 box. If I change control to M03 M05 the steppers sound better and move differently.

Can you clarify what laser and controller you have? You’ve posted to an Atomstack area but you have Marlin and Biqu in your proifle. I suspect you’re talking abour Marlin here but good to confirm.

It’s a DIY Corexy laser system. Using a BTT SKR 1.4 running Marlin and the Atomstack 40W module.

I believe in general that Inline is considered the most sophisticated control mode assuming you’re on a sufficiently new version of Marlin (2.0.9.x). It’s interesting that you’re getting less noise using M03/M05. If anything I would have thought the other way.

Is it possible that your Windows 7 computer is not providing data to the controller at a sufficient rate? Doesn’t seem likely but don’t want to rule it out. Are you able to test again with your W10 computer to see if it gets quiet again using inline? Maybe the timing was a coincidence.

I was thinking the same thing about the data rate… Did a tile burn later last
night with LB set to Inline and it burned fine. I’ll keep a eye on it.

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