Newbie question - saving gcode for large curves with higher resolution?

Apologies if this is a total noob question, but is there a way to increase the resolution of the Gcode that LB outputs ?
I’m using LB as a way to control my home-brewed GRBL pen plotter (mainly bringing in Illustrator files and outputting Gcode). It has been a total revelation compared with what I’ve been doing up till now but I’m hoping there’s a way to increase the curve/spline accuracy of the Gcode outputs.
For example I have a circle with a radius of 250mm and the line segments of the output Gcode are 3mm long. I realise that in most practical instances this will be imperceptible, but for my application I would really like a line segment of more like 0.5mm or even less.
I had assumed that setting a much slower speed would shrink the line segment lengths but it doesn’t have any effect on the Gcode.
Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

omg, so good, thank you !

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