Newbie Settings for the below

Good day, Help will be appreciated. what will the settings be for the different layers for the below


It depends on what you are lasering it on. But even if someone had the exact same machine as you, doesn’t mean you would have the same settings. It would only give you a good starting point. The best thing for you to do is test it with different settings to see what works for your machine.

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Thanks, appreciated

what kind of machine and power are you running? Grab some scrap wood or anything to practice on. Every different kind of material burns different. My biggest laser only puts out 4.5W. opt power.
Right now I’m burning 3-d images on solid white oak at 1000mm/m and 90% power. When I’m burning ceramic scratch proof tiles, that’s 500mm/m & 100% power.
If you watch u-tube, (search for laser burn charts) you will find lots of people who put out good videos on making your own burn charts for yourself. I have followed these people and today I have charts for my canvas (1 to 3 color layers), wood (burning on different kinds of wood), ceramics (scratch proof coasters, multi colored tiles for pics) and some plastics and I can sort of etch on glass. You can do it, go for it !!

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Thank you Randy