Newbie trying to find answers and having no luck so far

So I’m new to Lightburn (trial stage so far) and love the software but having compatibility issues I think somewhere. I have a 15w Chinese laser (yes I know it’s not really) on a once Benbox CH340 board that I got cheap but now looking to upgrade so I can utilize PWM and other features. I have flashed/tried both 1.1e with M3 and 1.1h with GRBL m4 and get the same results. I can’t seem to fill anything 100% with lots of skips and huge chunks missing. I can outline cut, I can fill a thin horizontal straight line, but I can’t fill any text or shapes or images. It’s like all the data isn’t there to do the fill work. Also I’m using a Mac so far with Lightburn which is my preference but I am able to use Windows on the Mac if need be. Everything else seems to be working fine with the software. I’m wondering whether it’s an issue between the new laser that’s capable of PWM and has a 3 pin out going to the CH340 that only has a 2 pin laser port? Or if it’s something else.

Can you post a picture of a result you’re getting? Do you have ‘Flood Fill’ enabled in the fill settings, by chance?

Flood Fill is not enabled. I’ll send a Pic in a bit

This is with 1.1h and Grbl for the vertical line, square and circle fill/line. Seems vertical fill info is missing?
The laser ran the whole project but no pulses in the middle.

Type $$ in the console and press enter, then copy what the board responds with here. I’ll say that I haven’t seen anything like this before, so it’s possible you have a bad laser or control board, but something might jump out in the settings too, so let’s start there.

I’ve determined it’s a hardware issue between my limited control board and the upgraded laser. Apparently I need a control board with a PWM port to make everything work or somehow convert my laser’s 4 wire output to a 2 wire with 12v and PWM and grnd. I’m thinking an Elksmaker Mana SE 2 should do the trick but am open to suggestions. My old 3000nm laser with 2 wire plug worked perfect with Lightburn and 1.1h. Thank you for the help!

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