Newbie... Using MacBook Pro to run Lightburn: Nothing, no laser, can't move it, not responding

Hey y’all. I am new to laser engraving. I bought Ortur Master 2, suggested using LightBurn software because it is user friendly and compatible with MacBook Pro. I installed, connected to laser as shown and the application does not respond. It says laser is ready. Confirmed my device was right, but still nothing. At the moment the console states waiting on connection. I need help because at this moment I feel like I’ve wasted $300.

Did you choose a port?

I did. I have the laser moving using the software now but when I try and do test fire, nothing happens. I’ve got power set at 0.25%. I see no beam at all.

… and if you set it higher?

I went all the way as high as it would go and still no beam!! Notta!

Oh wait… I just got it to do the fire… Have no idea what or how but I just focused the laser to point. Now it is showing busy! lol

You’re powered up? (I’ve seen issues when people didn’t realize the machine wasn’t powered on, because it will still respond to commands, as the board can be powered by the USB, but not the motors or laser)

It’s powered on. The red lights on the front are lite up. The Laser tab states ready, but now the console states its waiting on connection. This is so frustrating!! I’ll upload a pic of what my console.

This is what it looks like when I pushed start.

Alarm:2 means you’re trying to send the machine out of bounds. You’re in ‘Current Position’ mode, but you should use Absolute Coords until you know how that works.

Read here:

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