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Hello, I’m new to all this so will probably be back for more. Haven’t even really hooked up my machine yet. I want to cut basswood at 1/8", 1/16", 1/32" thick for model railroad parts. I usually draw my pattern with a jpg file at 100 or 1000 dpi. One pixel line width. I can import them to Lightburn and do a trace of them (all straight lines). When I do this and enlarge the resulting lightburn file, I see a double line for each one. Looks like it traces each side of the master pattern line. Is there a way to get a trace that is a single cut line from the center of the pattern lines? I have encountered a similar situation in the past with Coreldraw and Zing lasers. Don’t need to double cut each mark. Hope this isn’t too stupid of a question, can’t find an answer in the documentation I have. Thanks for any insight.

Ungroup and delete whichever line you don’t want, then regroup.

Well, that might be one way to do it. I was hoping there was a way to tell ‘trace’ that I only want one line as the result.

That’s centre line tracing and Lightburn doesn’t do it yet, I think there has been discussion before about it and it might happen in the future.

There are a few freeware programs out there which will do it for you.

Ash, thanks for the reply. Not the answer I hoped for, but I was afraid that might be it. Maybe I can learn to draw in lightburn and not need to trace. thanks.

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There is a ‘kinda’ way - select your object, use the outline tool at 1mm larger than both your lines, with ‘delete source’ selected, then do the same ~-1mm to end up with the original size but only one line.

The other way is pre-trace - fill the object in strategic places and you don’t get (as many) lines, but it is a ball-ache.

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