🧲 Nice dual purpose magnetic hook for your laser cabinet and bed

Attach this to the side of the laser cabinet to hang different tools :hammer_and_wrench:
And have handy.


Favorite thing to keep hooked on the side is this shop brush. It helps keep my bench clean and very easy to brush off sawdust of cut pieces so that small bits of wood don’t generate any additional unwanted smoke on an engraving.

This brush is the cats meow!



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I use a couple of these for holding warped veneers on the bed. You can unscrew the hooks once they’re in place so the laser isn’t likely to hit them, then put the hooks back when it’s time to pick them up. Never stick two of them together - they’re damn hard to get apart.

@LightBurn that’s why I like these hooks because they serve dual purpose. Like you said … all I have to do is unscrew the hook. They are very well crafted not cheaply made.

100 pound straight pull
30 pound if mounted at 90 degrees

Super strong one should be careful and not get hurt trying to pull it apart from the steel and your hand slips . If the steel is too thin it will bend it.



I probably have over 50 hooks like this. I use them everywhere.

@Stroonzo Truth be told you are my inspiration!