No blue BEND dot

I want to create text on an arc. I see no blue “Bend” dot when my text is selected. Any ideas?
Thank you

  • Which version of LightBurn?
  • Are you still in “text enter” mode? (the bend dot only shows in selection mode)

I’m using .09.10
I selected the text with the arrow selection tool so I’m pretty certain I’m not in the text enter.

I just updated my software to .9.20 and now I have the blue dot. Thanks for cluing me in to that!

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Ah, this is the reason. :slight_smile: We did not provide support for bending text yet in that version. We released support with 9.12. If you update to that version or later, you will see the blue-dot bending tool when text is selected.

Edit: You beat my response. :wink:

LOL! Yes. Thanks again

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