No connection with the new version

I’ll check that - it should obviously be stored.

I believe this is a localization issue - When the numbers are populated into the drop-down, in English they show up as “250,000”, but I notice that in your language it is “250.000”. When converting the string back into numbers, I remove the commas, but not decimal points, and it looks like it is converting to an invalid baud rate as a result. I can fix this quickly.

So, the hole problem is maybe a point or a comma ?

Yes - if you switch to English to change your settings, then switch back, it will work. I have a fix completed already, but need to do a few other things before posting an update.

Seems to be working for me. I’m running a detailed picture now.

I have posted a fix for the connectivity issues, and it includes the Marlin baud rate fix as well:

Tested the latest version and it is working fine now!! Good Job Oz !!!

today i delete the lightburn accidentally, but when i download and reinstall i cant connect my laser engraver with the program,
i saw the new version 9.0.2 that solved the problem, i try and i get connection, but when i move with the position keys it moves like crazy,
i saw in this post that maybe is the baudrate, i saw the baudrate in arduino monitor and my motherboard engraver works on 115200, and in the lightburn i have the same baudrate 115200,
and i saw that other problem with the baudrate is the language, i change to english and happen the same, the engraver and laser moves like crazy, please help!

This is not a helpful technical explanation we can use to offer suggestions. Would you please re-word and describe this behavior using different words.

The baudrate issue is fixed in the 0.9.02 build. That said, BenBox has never been supported by LightBurn,. so I’m not sure how you were able to use it before.

In the other version(Downloaded March 9) i was working with my machine using the profile GRBL-M3 (1.1e or earlier) without problems, how can i get and older version to keep engraving 28

Also the newest version 9.0.2 keep detecting, but when i use the move panel or start engraving make other movements like the motor Y moves to Y- slowly and the laser blinks 40