No flood option

can anyone tell me i have no flood fill option i have a square design and i want to fill the edges


It was removed for Ruida controllers because for complex designs it fails, people didn’t understand that, we got a lot of support messages asking about missed lines in the output (often it just wasn’t finished yet) and some jobs that failed altogether, so it’s been removed until we have time to figure out why it fails and see if it can be made to work for all types of job instead of just the simple ones.

For what you’re doing, my best suggestion is to use a boolean to split up the rectangle into two pieces, like this:

Then if you set that layer to either Scan groups together or Scan shapes individually it will do what you’re looking for.

ok Know one knows this and i have been trying to work it out for the last two hours, have you informed the members because i dont think anyone knows.and will this work for round corners


I’m not sure which members you’re referring to. It’s been discussed here on the forum many times, and was posted to the release notes on our website:

If you search our website for “Flood Fill” that page I show above comes up: (newest ones are last)

Using a boolean operation to split the frame into two pieces would work, yes. If you want access to the 0.9.02 release that still has flood fill enabled, here’s a link to our version archive:

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