No image on camera

Ok i`m new to lightburn but not windows 10, i just cannot seem to set up or get any image in the camera control settings. I have tried 3 different ELP usb cameras from 2.1m to 8m cmos sensors.
when i go into camera control the camera is listed, but when i select it nothing happens, i have checked the resolution settings and bw/colour.

All the cameras work fine in any other standalone program on windows 10.

so is there something i am missing?? i want to purchase the official camera but until i can be sure it is going to work it would just be a waste of money, what with me being in the UK.

So is there anything i am missing??

Would love to get this sorted.

Run Windows Update to be sure you have the latest drivers on your system if you haven’t done so in a while.

Are you running any other application that’s viewing the camera output when you’re trying to use it in LightBurn? That would lock it out.

Windows is fully updated and drivers are the latest, there are no other apps running the camera.

i have checked the camera and it works perfect in all other apps just does not work in lightburn

The capture code used by LightBurn is a bit of a black box, provided by the framework we use to handle cross platform development, so I’m afraid there’s not much I’m going to be able to do for you.

This is part of the reason we sell our own cameras - I have a degree of control over the drivers they use, and have tested these specific models with the software to ensure they work.

If I remember correctly, the ELP modules with 2014 or 2015 stamped on them were troublesome, but the 2016 modules worked correctly.

There’s another model I found on EBay called “4K Sports Camera” (XDV) that works well. It looks like a GoPro ripoff, but supports a webcam mode that presents a 1920 x 1080 image and works properly in LightBurn. I bought it for about $35.

This looks like the same model, though it’s hard to tell for sure:

If your laser is around 500mm wide or less, this would work well.

Thanks for the info, i have three of these cheap clone cameras one is same as in listing, all work great as a Pc Camera, webcam, but none work with lightburn.

The two elp cameras i tried hasd dates on the PCB or 2014 and 2016 again none worked. if you are sure that yours is going to work then i will order one, but if it doesent can i return it and who will refund the import duty and shipping costs??
Seems to me that The camera part of lightburn is a bit buggy and it is hit and miss.?

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It’s an incredibly complex block of code that depends on two external libraries not written by me. Anything that’s within the LightBurn code itself I can fix - anything buggy within the two libraries is much harder to deal with, and both are written to be cross platform, so it’s a collection of code written for about 5 different operating systems (Win32, Win7, Win8/10, MacOS, Linux) and they all depend on different sets of drivers, some of which interact with each other in odd ways.

I’m planning to rewrite the Windows camera capture code portion (one of the two libs) which would likely make your ELP cameras just work, but it’s a very large undertaking and will come at the expense of other feature updates, so I’ve been avoiding it.

Hi, Thanks for the update.
The one thing thatis confusing me is i have searched this form and people have posted cameras that they have and that work, one of those cameras is the same as mine. i think i will hang on until an update comes out :slight_smile:

Just got another USB ELP camera, this one looks identical to the Lightburn official camera. It works perfect on all my applications with great HD, but it still will not work in lightburn. Think i may stop using lightburn until there is an update to fix this issue

So you refuse to just get the camera that works for everyone else, and now you’re going to refuse to use the software itself? That seems reasonable.

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It does sound more and more like there is an issue or some strangeness with his computer, so maybe buying the Official LightBurn Camera is not the right solution. I would try the existing cameras and LightBurn on a different computer first to see what happens there. If the same issues exist on another computer, then I would more confidently blame the existing 3rd party cameras, and go back to recommending the known good official LB cam.

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Why would i buy a camera that is going to cost over $150 inc tax shipping and duty that might have the same issue?? , if you want to refund the duty and shipping if it doesn not work then yes i would buy one. Does that seems more reasonable too you, Blake???

Took your advice and found another system to install on and all my cameras work :slight_smile:
Uninstalled Autocad suite on my own computer and that fixed the issue. So it would seem that AutoCad was causing an issue with Lightburn or the camera part anyway. So will leave auto cad uninstalled now.
The down side is i now have an 5mp ELP camera that i don`t need, as my Microsoft HD3000 Web cam works better.
Thanks for all your help.

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Windows libraries have been known to interfere with each other in some cases, it could be that the AutoCad suite installed a lib that conflicted with one that the camera code in LightBurn uses. Regardless, I’m happy your cameras are working now!

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