No info on creating or duplicating a cut layer

I have looked and looked for instructions or clicked all over to duplicate and existing layer, or for that fact creating another layer. MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 light burn V9

Sorry you are not finding what you are after. You have potions.

First, the ‘Cut Settings’ for a selected layer can be copied into the cache, then pasted or applied to another layer for quick setting duplication.


Layers become active once you place an object into LightBurn and assign it to a layer using the Color Palette.

Thanks Rick but I can’t even create a new layer

Colors are layers.
Make a shape and with it selected click one of the colors on the palette at the bottom. That object will become that color and a new layer with that color will pop up in the cut dialog. Each color is a layer.

YEA! thanks couldn’t find that anywhere

Sure you can, I believe in you. You just need a little further coaching, that’s all. Hank provided some of what you will need to know. I want to share even more.

We created this Simple Project to help walk a new user through some basics of using LightBurn. Have a run at this and let us know how you get on. Making a Simple Project - LightBurn Software Documentation

As a designer for years I am bringing in files from Illustrator and thought making a new layer or duplicating an existing layer to delete and change attributes to the cut line(s) worked similarly. But thanks for the clarification.

In fact when I imported a file, it came in as 4 layers, with no real pattern or reason it split the art. I will get the hang of it.

Yes, I understand. I share a bit of background. Some of the origins of LightBurn come from another software application, knows as RDWorks, for driving lasers that come with the commonly used Ruida controller. That software uses this ‘cut setting layer’ concept and base it on color. LightBurn started as a replacement to provide “Better Software For Laser Cutters”, and wanted to help those using RDWorks to find the LightBurn UI to be familiar, easing their transition.

There is a rime and a reason your file imported in 4 layers. In a word, Colors! :slight_smile: LightBurn interprets the original vector object color assigned and places that object on the corresponding colored layer. This is part of a design flow providing ease and speed when setting the job cutting and processing assignment.

Let’s say you assigned your Black layer to Line cut with a speed of 50mm/sec at 60% power and have the Blue layer set to Fill cut your shapes on that layer, set to fill bi-directionally with a scan interval of 0.100mm (254 lines per in.), speed 150mm/sec at 17.5% power.

When you import your art, the items you have colored black will be dropped onto the Black layer and blue objects to the Blue layer, ready to cut at these pre-defined settings.

This is just one way to utilize ‘color’ in your design process to assist and speed in assigning laser settings to your job.

Here are a couple of links to AI files with the Lightburn RGB color scheme

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