No layers and colour changing

I am having a couple of problems when I design in Coreldraw and then it changes when I use the macro to open in Lightburn.

On one computer the graphics are designed in black but when I open in it in Lightburn they have converted to a sea green. I can change them manually with the layer colours at the bottom to black cut lines but it has just started happening without me making any changes that I am aware about.

On the other computer I design in black with a black box to reverse the text but again when I open it in Lightburn the background has turned to grey and when I preview it it is saying there are no cut layers. Again I have not made any setting changes to Coreldraw or Lightburn that I am aware of

Any points in the right direction would be appreciated.

On the second machine, you likely have the black layer set not to output in the Cuts/Layers list.

For the first machine, are you designing in CMYK or RGB? The system should handle it either way, but that might be relevant.

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