No longer able to adjust minimum power

Anyone else notice or have the issue of no longer being able to adjust the minimum power for your laser in LightBurn since the latest update?? Or is it just me? LoL As of this last update (for me) it’s grayed out with no option (that I’ve seen or been able to find) anywhere to adjust. Even using $31 in the console will say “okay” but minimum power is still grayed out and shows 0% in Cuts & Layers.

Apparently it will have no effect for Grbl lasers apart from when using greyscale.

Here is an old post from Oz.
You can do it when using grayscale mode, and it behaves exactly as you say. Line mode and the different dither modes are just on/off though, so there is no min power used. With DSP controllers, the Min Power setting on lines controls the lowest power the machine uses during a cutting move, when cornering. GCode devices do not have the ability for me to set this.

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