No picture in Windows 10

Latest Lightburn version 0.9.07
Windows 10 1903 all updates.
I just received the camera today.
Windows Camera app I get a picture and it works fine.
It shows in the drop-down and in the window of the camera lens calibration app.
I select it in the app, but it won’t show or go any further.
I have turned off Bitdefender camera blocks and even added Lightburn to the camera whitelist.
I’m at a loss as to what to do next.

I’ve only seen one other instance of the camera not working in LightBurn on Win10. The user had the Autodesk suite installed on his system and it appeared that there was a library conflict with the libs used by the LightBurn camera. ( No image on camera )

Can you try disabling BitDefender completely? I can’t think of any reason it wouldn’t work - It’s designed for and tested with Windows 10.

Thanks, I don’t have autocad. And I did uninstall Bitdefender completely and still no picture. I did however, try the camera on my laptop, and it works in LB with Bitdefender. So, obviously, there is something in windows blocking the image from LB. As I said before. Windows 10 camera app works. I guess I will just have to wipe my HD, and reinstall windows. Oh well, but the advantage, I can keep
checking LB and find out what blocked it.

Is the laptop also Windows 10? That’s frustrating - I wish I knew what the conflicting bit was.

Yes, the laptop is Windows 10. I’ve decided to just wipe my desktop, not a big deal. I will let you know when I hit the conflict.

Ok, first test after OS install. Camera is working. YEA!!! Now to get all my system re-setup and keep testing the camera.

Installed Photoshop, Coreldraw and AfterShot Pro and no problems. Still have a camera. On to Office.

Thanks for doing this - I’m really hoping it helps narrow down the issue.

A couple more programs installed and no issue. I just hope that if I find the offending program, that uninstalling it fixed the problem. But, on that note we would know what did it and you may be able to fix it. I did, however find out that Bitdefender did block the camera, but at least I got a black square. That was easy to fix. I will keep checking as I replace the programs.

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