No pwm control 80 watt diode

I have a 80 watt diode laser Chinese. I haven’t used it in a while. Since I used it, I changed to a different setup. I am now using different arduino uno (real arduino instead of ch340 knockoff). Also, a solder joint on the mother board broke loose on one of the components that was on the mother board of the laser. I resoldered it. It was a pretty simple re solder.

With the new arduino connected up, I open up light burn and click fire and the laser fires at 100%. It burns through the wood. The fire is set at .5%. It even makes the fan sound weaker as if it is drawing lots of power. I think I don’t have a setting right to allow the arduino pin 11 pwm to control the power of the laser. I changed $30 to 1000 and tried 255 neither made a difference. My s setting in lightburn is 1000.

What should I check?


My experience with arduino will be you using ramps or repetier firmware.
Send your config page as it sounds like its firmware.

Thanks for the reply! I think I figured it out. $31 (minimum spindle/laser power ) was set to some large number by default with new arduino. Not sure why, but it was preventing me from being able to lower the power to anything below 100 percent. Thanks for the reply!

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Ok, good stuff.

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