No Rotary option in menu

I have the latest version of Lightburn. I cannot find the rotary setup anywhere - it does not appear in my Tools menu as described in the documentation. The only reference I find anywhere to rotary is a switch to have rotary appear on the main page - but that doesn’t do anything either.

Your controller is likely a Trocen then, which doesn’t allow setting the rotary parameters from anywhere but the controller panel menus.

It’s something I’ve pushed for Trocen to change.

Yes, it is a BOSS HP3655.

So, in that case, setting it on the controller as per BOSS instructions, I can just use LightBurn “normally”? Like you do with LaserCAD?

Thank you

Correct - the software doesn’t even know it’s using the rotary in either case. Should work the same as LaserCAD.

Thanks very much. Awesome support.

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