No Rotary Setup Dialog Box

Hey all,
Just downloaded the latest version of LB, and noticed that I have no Rotary Setup option under “Tools” tab. Does this version, V0.9.07, not include that option? I’m stumped.
David Spangler

What controller do you have?

If you’re using a Trocen controller, the rotary setup is done on the controller itself, in the menus. Trocen doesn’t provide a way to set the parameters in software, so my hands are tied.

Thinking about getting a Ruida controller. Would like to have this feature for that.

I’ve pushed for Trocen to all the software to set the rotary parameters, as well as the origin mode. Those are the two biggest reasons I prefer Ruida controllers. Trocen also doesn’t seem to allow Z moves during a job, so it’s not possible to defocus or step per layer during cuts.

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So, if I get a machhine with a Ruida controller, how do I get the Rotary Setup dialog box back? Will LB automatically detect a Ruida controller and give it back, or do I need to download a different version? I’d really like that option.

Yes, it will autodetect the Ruida and give you the option back.

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Many options in LightBurn are managed based on what controller you’ve chosen - Rotary and origin settings, device settings, and even the options in the cut settings adapt based on the controller.

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