No 'Set Origin' button in Move tab (LB v0.9.10, Win7 Ultimate)

Hi Community,

Have searched this forum, googled, and joined FB group, but to no avail:( Button appears in official video “LightBurn Tutorial: Machine and Job Origin (Corrected Audio)”, but not in my install. Video is using previous version though. Hm? Yes, origin can be set on the Ruida key panel, but should also be able to be conveniently set from LB. TIA.

Laser Enthusiast

P.S. Brand new to LB. “Interesting” app. Looking forward to fully figuring it out…

Ruida controllers don’t allow setting the origin location from software. I can actually set the hardware registers used to store the value, but it doesn’t take effect until you power cycle the controller, which isn’t useful.

It’s worth mentioning that the UI in LightBurn is highly adaptive to the controller you connect to, so it’s not uncommon to see controls in a video that you won’t have on your system.

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