NO step per rotation in menu rotary setup steps per mm is present

HI, i have a nasum A5 pro and i have buying Lightburn and i’m very happy to work with this software. I have buying a Genmitsu rotary roller engraving module. And when i want to use Rotary set up in Laser tools menu, i launch rotary setup and in menu rotary i see mm per rotation and not steps per rotation. I’m a newbie and i have test but i must enter step per rotation but there is no menu for this just mm per rotation in this menu. I have not any good results because mm per rotation is not ok, i know my step per rotation for my nema stepmotor but in mm par rotation i don’t know. How can i change the menu in rotary setup to have for my y axe data in step per mm ? Can you help me please. Thank you so so much for your help to all the users and the lightburn team. Best regards Oliver a new bie .)

This is a good introduction.

This is not the same model engraver that you have but it’s similar enough that it should still be informative.

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