Node challenged - please help

I will be using two different types of acrylic. My issue is trying to get the curved lines to line up so that they are flush so that when they are glued, they make contact. There are certain area where there are gaps, and other areas where it’s fine. If I make adjustments to the handles that help to move it closer in the gap area, it creates a gap in other areas.

Attaching screengrabs but let me know if you need file.

When I do that, I end up copying the object I’m trying to duplicate and joining it together with the other part. Shoot the file over and I’ll have a look, it’s usually super fast. :slight_smile:

copy and paste or another thing I do is move the lines on top of each other so I can adjust them the exact same then move them back. It depends on what I’m doing as to what i will use

scroll.lbrn2 (43.8 KB)

Thanks! I thought I had created a break at both ends of the scroll and copy and pasted the curve line to have it be seamless but maybe not…

Hopefully this could be a starting point for you

scrollnew.lbrn2 (37.4 KB)

Beat me to it. :slight_smile:

This is awesome. Thank you. If you can point out any beginner issues to help me be able to do this, that would be appreciated. I get most of the concepts but I think it’s placement sometimes. A good video tutorial ref would be awesome. I’ve watched some but it’s too fast in spots where you would really need to grasp what they just did.

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