Node editing not working (or at least joining) correctly on Windows

Seems to be working fine on my MAC, but my windows machine … not so much. Could be something I’m doing but I don’t think so.

Anything more specific than this? This is happening to you for all attempted files, or just a specific file?

I tried it with two simple objects (square, circle), selected both, executed converted to path, delete one segment from each object, dragged one end of one of the objects (end point on line) to end point on other object. Won’t join. Happy to share my screen if you want to watch “live”.

I am not seeing this using the 9.19 public Windows release. Running Windows 10 Pro 19041.685.

Tried several way to break it (drag-joining), but am not able to reproduce the behavior you are observing.

Snap to objects is on?
Alt-J doesn’t work?
Close curve with tolerance?

I will check over the weekend and get back to you …

Snap to Objects was off which seems to have been the culprit. I gotta say that it is not exactly intuitive nor did it occur to me that snap to object would be a requirement for joining nodes and I’ve been using this software for quite a while now.

You might consider adding a tool tip pop up, warning or something if the auto-join selected shapes (Alt-J) is executed and snap to objects is off.

Problem solved. Thanks for you help.

Snap to objects isn’t required for auto-join to work, but the auto-join uses a really small distance threshold, so you have to get two nodes really close for it to work. The plan has always been to make one that includes a user-adjustable join distance.

What does mean “really small distance”? Is some adjustable autojoin distance the planned feature? (something like “close path with tolerance”?) It would be great.

Really small distance is like 0.02mm, or around there. Yes, the planned feature is an adjustable one, just like the close with tolerance.

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