Node editing, then crash

Node editing, breaking and joining lines then program crashes. I thought it was from all the image pieces I had on the work area. But now its when I have only a few. Pluss when it crashes, Its not saving the work, I lose the changes I’ve made and have to do them over… I cant screen video due to the unknown timing of the error. yes its all up to date 1.4.00 windows 11

LightBurn_Crash_Log.txt (10.2 KB)

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Thank you for reporting this.
I’ll post it internally to the Dev channel.

To get this moving in the right direction, I have to ask…

Is your D: drive an external drive? Does it have folders that are Shared on OneDrive or Google Drive?

Some of these things cause crashes and Data Loss so I’ll ask that first. :slight_smile:

You are right ,I’ve been using external to save space on my hard drive. (new PC) I just made a new folder on my desk top, and did some work and the program worked fine.
Thanks for your help! you guys are awsome!

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