Non-connected lines / NEJE 3 plus A40640

Hello, I am a new user of the NEJE 3 plus A40640 laser engraver. I’m in the dating and trying phase, but I’m still not very good at it. If I may, I will ask for your advice. I downloaded the DXF file from the NEJE website - mobile phone holder. However, after cutting it, I was surprised. Some lines are not connected at all. The file appears to be fine. One hole is even smaller than it should be. Although it is for NEJE 3 max, the lines should be fine for other versions as well. Or is it a misconfiguration? Or material? I am attaching photos. Can you please advise me what it could be? The laser is firmly attached to the board, which is clamped to the table.
I’m using poplar plywood but that’s not a happy solution either, do you have a plywood recommendation? And how do you clean plywood after lasering? Resp. can I influence it with a lower power?
Thank you all for the valuable advice.

From what I understand about laser cutting, I’d say you have more than one problem on your hands…
Gaps in the structure and tension of the belts should be matters to take into account, considering that some cuts, in addition to being irregular, do not complete the cycle.
Other cuts do not go through the material. In this case, I’ve heard reports that it may have something to do with the playwood’s construction quality. As it is done in layers, you can pick up areas with knots (on the inner layers and which are not visible) as well as areas with more or less glue where it is more difficult to cut.

Those results are usually caused by mechanical issues, go through these tips to check everything: