Non fish eye camera calibration

I have a non fish eye camera installed in my AP laser. It is an autofocus camera, works really good. Is there a special calibration? I have a problem with the image being offset. I can adjust with the offset adjustment but i dont think i should need to.

With the last several versions of LightBurn you can choose fisheye or not (in fact, prior versions didn’t specialize fisheye lenses at all).

A few tips:

  • The camera doesn’t need to be on the machine for the lens calibration - It’s ONLY the lens and pattern that matter for this part, and the pattern can be scaled up.

  • If you do want to do it on the machine, if you have a honeycomb bed, cover it (bedsheet, paper, wood, etc) - it gets misinterpreted as more circles and confuses the software.

  • The printed circle pattern has to be as flat as possible. Glue it to wood or foam board so it’s flat. If it isn’t, the curvature will be considered part of your lens distortion.

  • The card should be in focus, and placed on something, not held - if it’s shaking, the image will be blurred, and that will affect calibration.

  • Do not tilt the card up off the bed. It should be facing directly at the camera for a fisheye lens, or perfectly flat for a non-fisheye lens.

  • The circles pattern should fill roughly 1/3rd of the view of the camera in both directions. If it’s much too small, or much too large, you won’t get good results.

  • Make sure you’re using “Absolute Coords” mode when doing the alignment, or using the camera for alignment or capture.

  • Make sure the top of the material is at the same height as when you ran the camera alignment process. This would normally just be the focus height for your beam.

  • Make sure your lid always opens to the same position - if the hinges allow the lid to slide, or it doesn’t open the same height, this will cause misalignment.

How far off is it?

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x shift is 2.5, y shift is -1.5. not sure why.
I did add washer to the hinges to stop that movement since i installed the camera but same issue.

Did you redo the camera alignment wizard after installing the washers?

Yes I did. The first time a was a little more off. I redid the calibration about 3 times thinking i did something wrong but each time it was off.

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