Non working updates

9.24 and now do not connect to my Ruida 644xg. Each time i up date i have to go back to my trusted 9.23. I am using win 10 pro.

How are you connected to your laser machine? USB, WiFi, or Ethernet? Do you have a Ruida or Ryxon controller?

Does your controller / Panel look like this (Ryxon):


or like this (Ruida):

I have a Ruida rdc6442s-b (ec). I am connected via USB. This has already connected with version 1.0.02, but no job could be started. Then I reinstalled version 1.0.00 and everything works again so far.

Its ruida. I am connected via usb. going back to ver 9-23 works great.

Forgot to mention that the problem is probably with the usb as the camera failed to work as well. Everything fine in 9 - 23

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