NOOB here. way to make laser home between processes

I would like to be able to set up 4 coasters. have placement engraved in th ebase so I can just set the coasters in place and hit start. my worry is that if something were to throw the laser off a bit the rest would be messed up as well. Is there a way that I can set up one coaster as one process and the next another and have the laser home between each design?process?

You can lay out the entire number of coasters and then use the ‘Cut Selected Graphics’ and only select one at a time. You can use a scrap of cardboard as a jig to hold the coasters in place.

Unfortunately, that still regiures me to do one at a time. Was looking for it to home and move on to the next without my input

Why do you want to send the machine back to home after some cut you want? That would add additional travel time to each job? If you set things properly, you should be able to produce repeatable jobs with great accuracy. If things are not producing at the desired location, something is not setup correctly, or you move something, losing the registration of the coordinate system.

Sorry, but I am not following this logic.

What are you anticipating is going to ‘throw the laser off’? If the laser or the material you are processing can move, I would fix that first. You want to have things as ‘fixed’ in physical space as one can to avoid movement and increase accuracy and repeatability.

LightBurn has tools to help if things do go off or you need to run the job or a section of the job again, to help recover if something odd happens, but first things first. When set up correctly, you should be able to load say 4 - 4" coasters in a jig and process all at the same go. Are you not able to do this? If so, show us what you are observing and we can go from there. :slight_smile:

I have a POS laser. The stepper VREF is too low with quick movements like the fast ones after a line and fill threw the stepper off on one job I did. The stepper slipped definitely was not a belt slip I know that sound and stepper slip sound from 3D printing. Yes, it adds some time but is just extra insurance and less time than me setting up each coaster separately. As I would have to sit right on top of it and it will home anyway.

All was set up properly, and when it went to the second coaster it was 10-15 mm off center

Although, I had another odd thing happen today. Placed the coaster in the engraved outline. Object was centered in a T1 that had been engraved in the layout area. When I printed it printed off center. I checked to see if maybe it had skipped (but wouldn’t have been as it was further away) by hitting start again. Started in the exact same place. So I selected that to not print and changed T1 to print. Printed exactly on the layout outline. I am guessing some bad math in the program somehow. As it is all lined up

I have read this several times. I am not “seeing” what you are trying to convey. Pictures might help.

We have many members using LightBurn with great production repeatability with a properly set up and configured Ortur Laser Master 2. This laser system is not superfast, but can produce very nice reproductions of multiple ‘finished produces’ in a single go.

This is also worth review to understand your Coordinates and Job Origin options: Coordinates and Job Origin - LightBurn Software Documentation

You may want to reach out to the nice folks at Ortur Support for additional troubleshooting procedures to ensure your hardware is in good working condition.

I will see what I have time for getting ready to go for a couple weeks to work away from home. Bunch more important things than this.

BTW how did you know I was using an Ortur?

Your profile?


Didn’t remember putting that in there and couldn’t find it when I looked this morning.

So, update, I went back and looked at the heart design I was talking about. Still do not know why the first engraving started 5mm further from home. If anything, I would expect it to skip steps and be offset closer to home. But took a closer look at when I hit start again without moving anything an the second time it was starting to engrave center of the coaster.

I guess I need to watch this thing closer and get in touch with Ortur. But, I might upgrade to a better board with 2209 stepper drivers.