Not able to dock Art Library-will not create tab

Trying to create Art Library, but it only comes in as a standalone window. It will not dock next to the Library tab nor create it’s own tab.
I can dock/undock the other windows shown in the screenshot, but not the Art Library.
I’ve minimized/maximized the LightBurn window, but that didn’t help.
What am I missing?

Windows 10
Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Laptop


If you have not already, this video is worth review. Sharing a video (host on YouTube or similar, make public so all can see, and post link here) showing how you are trying to dock and we may have suggestions to help resolve, getting you what you are after. :slight_smile:

Hi, I’ve had this happen too. I found that by closing Lightburn and then restarting it allowed me to dock the Art Library window.

Thanks Roy,
I’ll give that a shot.

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