Not bad for $253 spent on acrylic

I frequently buy all of my acrylic as remnants from (somewhere I won’t tell you because I don’t want you buying it instead of me). :grin:

There’s some other pieces not pictured, so all together it’s roughly about 12 sheets worth of various thicknesses of cast (from 1/8” to 1/4”). Tons of 3/16”.

If you work with acrylic, find yourself a company with scrap. It works out well and really makes for a symbiotic existence.

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Wow! Those are “remnants?” I get remnants, too but they are usually pieces short of 12 inches in one dimension. I get it cheap though and most pieces are plenty big for what I do.

And in my shop I probably have two more racks of remnants just like this. The best was the half inch stuff. I love the half inch acrylic.

I’ve really come to love making random things out of acrylic. The other day for example, I got tired of oil dripping off of my CNC Router’s gantry where the spindle sits. The machine has a pumped oil system for lubricating the rails. So I just whipped this up with some of 3/16" scrap!