Not be able to cut/engrave multiple shapes since upgrade

Since i upgraded to the new version, whenever i design something, it won’t move or turn on the laser. It just stays where it was.

If i gave everything the same color (layer), turn off output and change one shape in a different color (layer) to cut or engrave it will work. Do i have 2 or more shapes in that layer, it doesn’t do anything.

I hope you understand what I mean.

I regret upgrading. Is there a way to get the old version back so at least i can still do my job?

Hi Linda, do you have a mac? I am having similar issues-- my laser will only engrave certain things since the upgrade? Although I haven’t been able to find a clear pattern. It’s pretty frustrating.

Yes i have a mac! I just put the previous version back and works like a charm again so its definitely the newest update

How did you get the previous version? I’m stuck with the new one

We’ve just released a 1.0.01 patch that should fix the issues you were having. If not, please let us know.

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