Not burning by default

Still a beginner in LIghtburn yet having successfully & pleasingly achieved a few burning jobs on this same OLM2 & LB tools I’m using now, fluent in pixel-based photo software and with a minimal background in vector-based & DTP software, I have a very positive impression of LB, looking seriously well-designed and thrilling in its potential.
But in short, I can’t figure why designing geometric shapes or text figures within LB looks so smart & easy but stubbornly meets a refusal to burn by default (the laser module runs happily over the wooden board), while imported pictures burn without problems. How many parameters in how many windows, menus, submenus need checking in order to achieve a plain most simple burning job? Any suggestion about hidden settings most welcome, that would set me going !

Is the laser traveling along the path you want it to burn but not firing? Or is it skipping the shapes/text entirely?

If you open the Preview window (alt + p), do the paths that aren’t being cut show up in there?

This could be a settings issue. Knowing the settings for speed and percent power are both very helpful. Please post these… along with their units (mm/min?).

The most easily overlooked setting for the spindle (laser) power $30 = S value max.

Ortur also tirelessly improves their firmware.

I recommend you pull a couple of quick reports from your Ortur and copy and paste them here. In LightBurn with your engraver connected, enter the following into the Console window in LightBurn:
pressing enter after each one.

When you paste those here we’ll know the firmware revision number and date for your engraver. It can be incredibly helpful.

The Machine Settings report generated by the $$ command will share all the factory (or current) settings. This is also very helpful for finding answers.

Click Edit, then Device settings, on the first tab (basic settings) Lower right hand corner, you’ll see S-value max.

Please confirm that the number in S-value max is the same as the Setting next to $30.

Thanks a lot & sorry for not answering earlier, because of being caught up in urgent matters.

1_Sp/Pw is 60/20, with a width of 89.002 mm & a height of 16.083 mm.

2_As for your requests :



[MODEL: Ortur Laser Master 2]

[OLF: 139]

[DATE:11:17:25 - Dec 28 2020]



Target buffer size found










































3_I did check the value S-value Max in the Edit menu and it was indeed the same 1000 figure as the one found in the console statement triggered by $i.

Hope this helps to solve this problem

Much obliged.

It may be worth the firmware update:
Ortur Laser Master 2 (400 x 430)
Release Date: 15-12-2021
Version: V1.42

Testing with $33 = 500 as seen in the GRBL defaults for the later firmware may yield interesting results.

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