Not Burning on Lightburn

Hi Guys

Still kinda new to this thing, I’m struggling to get anything to laser using lightburn. If I use the default GRBL Laser app that came with the device, all works great, but when I use Lightburn and try and burn the same thing, nothing shows up.

I have the laser mode on, the laser light is showing as expected, the speed is at anything from 100 - 1000 and the power is set to 100%. I haven’t changed any of the GCode settings, but must be something simple if it works well in grbl laser?

Any help

100 to 1000 are just numbers - speeds have units, like inches/sec, mm/second, mm/minute, and so on, and they’re all different. Mm/sec is the default speed unit in LightBurn, and I think mm/minute is the default speed unit in LaserGRBL, so if you haven’t changed it, just entering the raw number is likely why you’re not getting any output.

In Edit > Settings you can change the units in LightBurn:


Is that what’s happening?

Hi Oz

Thanks for the quick reply, I seem to remember changing the s value ages ago to get it to work which I had forgotten about, I’ve since changed it from 1000 to 9000 and it seems to be working now

If the $30 setting in your laser is 1000 the S-value should match. Setting it dramatically higher is just masking the actual problem, and that is that you’re probably trying to move your laser faster than the firmware limits allow it to move.

Read the paragraph below the Speed / Power chart here where it talks about exceeding the speed limits: Configuring a 3018 CNC for use with LightBurn

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